About us


Our company was established in 2001 in Bari as a dealer of railway vehicles for construction and maintenance as the previous experience of our shareholders was exactly in the field of service rail vehicles.
In the following years our business market was extended to the Ground Support Equipment distribution, maintenance and to the intermodal market..

Our presence beyond borderlines

More than 300 heavy vehicles in railways, airport and intermodal market in Italy and abroad have been supplied by GESFA.Strong relationships in main countries of Europe, Middle East and USA assure us a deep introduction in strategical programs.

Growing for new levels

Since 2007 Gesfa is part of the logistic chain in the production of last generation airplanes.
Since 2010 Gesfa is ENAC approved handler for cargo activity, capable to offer standardized, high quality cargo services.
Since 2010 Gesfa is General Contractor of depot maintenance vehicles for Princess Nora University Metro – Riyadh
Since 2012 Gesfa provides railway grinding services.

Gesfa Staff